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Wide Mouth Jars

Wide Mouth Jars helps boost presentation and offers a unique type of packaging for your medical dispensary. Our glass containers are made with Grade A pharmaceutical glass to ensure satisfaction on every purchase for your customers. Wide Mouth Jars are available in different categories: Ointment Jars, Suction Lid Glass, Square Glass. Also in different size: 16oz, 8oz, 4oz, 3oz, 2oz, 1oz,0.5oz, 1 dram. Our products and services are intended for pharmacies, clinics, laboratories, veterinaries and only legal medical growers – qualified patients, primary caregivers or coops or collectives – who cultivate edibles in compliance with the Compassionate Use. Jars are mostly used for hemp and medicine storage due to the hygienic qualities of the item. They are available with airtight lids and caps which keep products potent. The lids are also child-resistant to ensure the container cannot be easily opened by children. These features make them the ideal choice for commercial or private use.