Hinged Lid Containers are non-sticky containers that are used to store wax, cream, oil and other small items used in canna packaging. They can be made from silicone, glass, or high-quality plastic and are available in various sizes for convenient storage. These can be used for pharmacies, veterinaries, vape shops, dispensary stores, and smoke shops where waxy buildup from various products can create an issue. Buy quality containers from us. hinged lid vials come in the color Purple and are ideal for the dispensary or collective wanting to diversify their selection of plastic dispensary containers. Each of these high-quality containers features a hinged lid safety mechanism for securely storing dispensary products.  Our products and services are intended for pharmacies, clinics, laboratories, veterinaries and only legal medical growers – qualified patients, primary caregivers or coops or collectives – who cultivate edibles in compliance with the Compassionate Use.

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